Friday, July 3, 2015

Hola a todos!! I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Father's Day spending time celebrating families :) Just a quick shout out to my own father, and all father figures in my life: I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you for all of the love and support I receive everyday. 

Well, as you can see from the heading, we are very very very busy. I have never gone on so many splits in my life! But because there are three of us, and we have so many people we are teaching, it often comes up that we need to have two of us go to one lesson, and have the other find a female member to go with her to another lesson. Really it is just craziness. And just being away from a companion for any amount of time is stressful enough, let alone being in different parts of the city and relying on others to bring them back safe to you. Haha I dont know if any of you will really understand what I am trying to say, but just let it suffice that we are being stretched and stressed a lot. But we are seeing a lot of miracles from it. 

Okay, but here is the most important stuff. The Chavez family is getting baptized on Saturday!!! They are literally just the most amazing and prepared family ever! Cristhian and Evelyn are SOOO in love and they have the cutest kids I have ever seen! So we were a little bit worried about whether or not they would be able to make their baptismal date on Saturday, because Cristhian has been working on living the word of wisdom by not drinking coffee for only 2 weeks, and his work schedule has been CRAZY. so we havent been able to see him as much.So yesterday we decided to talk to them during church and see where they were at, and how we could help them, whether by teaching them certain things, or moving their date. We really didnt know. But as we were talking with them, and our branch mission leader, the spirit was SOO STRONG in this little room. All we did was testify of eternal families, and we knew that they could do it. After, we went walking around the temple with their whole family and planned some details for their baptism. Seeing them take family pictures around the temple was probably one of the coolest experiences I have had on my mission. We all promised that we would be coming back in a year for when they get to be sealed together as a family! Ahhhh!!! I just really love them so so so much. Families ARE the plan of happiness that God has for each one of us. 

Also, we had a great lesson with David this week, our Chinese investigator for the Overlake ward. He has been praying!!! Ahh, it was so cool to hear him pray, and to feel the Spirit. He still struggles with having faith, but we can see it growing every time we come over. He also committed to coming to church yesterday, but then texted us last minute saying that he probably wouldn't be able to come because his friends had invited him to go see Jurassic world (??) really late, and so he probably wouldn't be able to wake up on time. We were so heart broken!! So no, he did not come to church. But when he woke up, he sent us a text us saying that the movie was actually terrible and he feels really guilty for not coming. I consider that progress :) 

oh! and one more story :) On Friday, we were out knocking doors in this little neighborhood by Lake Sammamish (it is BEAUTIFUL by the way) and all of a sudden this old man parks his car on the side of the road and walks right up to us. His name is Pete. At first, we didn't know what to think, because he looked and sounded pretty crazy for about the first 10 minutes. He kept talking about how mormons arent as weird as everyone thinks they are, and how he has a bunch of mormon friends. Really, we just thought he was some kind of crazy creeper guy. And then I cant even find the moment when we realized it, but it turns out he is just the most genuine, happy person I have ever met. He talked with us for about 30 minutes on the street, and really was just doing everything he could to make us laugh and also be receptive to what we said. He even invited us on his yacht (turns out he is a marine pilot!!) and when we told him we werent allowed to, he promised us that it was "Mormon Safe" hahaha. Now he is officially invited to all of our weddings, and he cant wait to see us again! Yesterday we dropped off a pie a member had given us, to him for Fathers Day (and mostly because we did not need to have our own pie) and you'd have thought that he had won the lottery! haha I just love all of the cool and crazy people we get to meet everyday. Missions are the coolest! 

Well, to hurry and wrap things up, I will just share something I have been studying a lot lately. It has to do with Eternal Families. I am so very eternally grateful for my family, and for all that they have done for me to help me become who I am. Really, there is nothing greater than having an eternal family, and no more worth-while goal. In the end, all we get to take with us is our knowledge and hopefully, if we are worthy, those we love. Dont ever take your own family for granted. Dont do anything to jeopardize your own opportunity to one day have a family of your own. They are one of the greatest gifts Heavenly Father has given to us. Also, never forget that we are all a part of our Heavenly Fathers family. Let us love one another a little more. I love you all so much. 
-la hermana brooks

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