Friday, July 3, 2015

Buenas tardes!! Hola mis queridos hermanos y hermanas :) espero que todo este bien! 

So this past week was CRAZY! We were so busy, and we met so many amazing people, and really there are not words, or time, that could tell you about all of the experiences we have been having lately. There is no better word to describe it other than miracles.

 The week started off with an amazing opportunity of service! It was last p-day, and Hna Christiansen and I were at the local Blueberry farm. (it was awesome and beautiful and we took a lot of pictures :) All of a sudden we got a call from a less-active member, asking us to meet her at wal-mart because she was helping out a homeless family and didn't want to be alone. The wal-mart happened to be right down the street, and so we scurried over there to meet a beautiful Romanian family. Our member ended up giving them a bunch of food, clothes, and toys, and made sure that they had our information to call if they needed any more help! It was a super humbling experience, and really opened our members eyes that the Lord really does trust us and expect us to take care of one another. We had to go, though, since we were supposed to be meeting some people in the hospital at the same time to give them a lesson, so we left. But then the next day, we were able to go and visit with that member, and she shared with us a little more to the story. She LOVES hot wings, and so after she helped out the family, she went into the next door Little Caesars to get some. While waiting for her food, a woman asked her to come and sit by her. She thanked her so much for what her and "her friends" (aka nosotras) had done for that family, and she started asking questions about who we were, and what motivated us to do that kind of service. After talking for a while and sharing the basic message of our church, our member ended up inviting her over to her home, and hopefully she will start meeting with us missionaries!! It was just super cool to see that when we do serve people with pure hearts, the Lord always provides a way for it to reach more than just the person helped. It was a great lesson to me about genuine, selfless service. 

Also, transfers happened!! So nothing really changed between the area and Hna Christiansen as my companion. But guess what??? We are in a trio again!!! haha I am destined to always serve in trios :) but that is 100% okay with me because I LOVE TRIOS and there are so many amazing miracles we will see because of it! so now, la Hermana Stoddard is with us, and she is so amazing. We are Sister-Training Leaders together, and team training Hna Christiansen for her 2nd transfer :) it is just going to be so much fun! 

I just want you all to know that I love my Savior Jesus Christ so much. He has raised me up and helped me become someone who I never thought I would have the potential to become. I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can all experience the peace and happiness that will help us overcome any trial, set-back, or temptation. I know He loves each one of you so very much. I wish I had time to tell you everything and to teach you everything I have learned. But I will just have to trust that you can all feel of my love and that someday that day will come. Just not too quickly :) 

You are all amazing! Shine brightly this week, and know that I love you :) 
con carino,
la hermana Brooks 

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