Friday, July 3, 2015

haha I actually don't know if Milagrosas is a thing, but it sounds awkward any other way. Oh well!
Well hello dearest friends and family! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying summer to its fullest extent :) I know I sure am! This week has been filled with so many miracles, so many laughs, and I even have a watch-tan!! It cannot get any better than this :) 

So first of all, our new companionship has had a week together, and it is AMAZING! Literally this is the most fun I have ever had. All of us are so different, but so alike at the same time. There is never a dull moment. Never :) We call Hermana Stoddard our hippie missionary if that helps paint a picture. But really, I have been so impressed by her! She is so loving and patient, which is something I am working on right now, but she balances us out perfectly, and helps us never lose the Spirit. It has been a great blessing to work with her this transfer :) I JUST LOVE TRIOS!! 

And speaking of great blessings, we were blessed to find 2 new Spanish families this week!!! Both are brand new from Mexico, and have family members who recently joined the church! One of them, la familia Chavez, was found by the Elders last week. The dad actually was walking down the same street as them, walked up to them, and asked them to start teaching his family!!! How cool is that?? So we were able to meet them on Thursday, and invite them to the Spanish branch. Yesterday they came and LOVED it, and we will be seeing them again on Tuesday! I am so excited!!! Our other miracle family we found last night! We had just barely finished knocking doors, and Hermana Christiansen had to use the restroom, so we hurried to the nearest church building. As we were on our way back out to work, we saw a Hispanic couple walking on the sidewalk right in front of the church building! So we hurry and run out and start talking to them. It turns out, they had just barely arrived in the States about 2 weeks ago, after leaving Mexio where his brother had just joined the church and they had both been meeting with the missionaries!! Whattt??? So we just asked if we could keep walking with them, and ended up being able to answer a lot of their questions about the church, USA, and faith in general. They will be coming to our weekly English Class and want to start meeting with us regularly again!! It is just literally so cool how God plans everything so perfectly, and He trusts us enough to not completely mess up His plan. He just loves all of His children so much! 

The English work has been a little bit slower this week. We were able to see almost all of our investigators though, and really make some head way! Right now we are teaching an Indian man named Shawn. He is soo great, and always makes us delicious food when we come over to teach him. He is really fancy that way. But we had talked to him about fasting, because he has a lot of questions that can only be answered through his personal effort, which he wasnt doing. So we were able to fast with him yesterday, and as we talked with him about his concerns, all it came down to was that he didn't understand the Atonement! We were really able to open his heart, and help him see that many of the concerns he has are through communication and being too stubborn to honestly seek out the truth. It was a really cool moment, and as we taught him about the role and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the room was full of the Spirit. 

One thing that I have really been blessed with this week is the gift of love. Yesterday at church was one of the most incredible experiences, because I had never felt so much love for so many people at one time. I LOVE the Crossroads Branch, and I know that they love me. Through many months and trials, many different investigators and levels of Spanish, we have come to be united in love and as I looked around in church, I felt like I was at home. It is so amazing how much the gospel can and does unite others. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a gospel of love, and that love is for everyone, everywhere. 

I am so grateful for my mission and the amazing experiences I get to have every day. There is not a moment that goes by where I do not feel the amazing grace of God strengthening me and pouring His love on me. And I know that it is not something just for missionaries, but it is something that applies to everyone at every stage in their lives, if they will but open their hearts to Him. We are never alone nor forgotten. We are always loved, prayed for, and important.  

I love you all so very much and I pray that you will seek out the Sunlight, both literally and spiritually this week. I know that we will be more able to recognize and create miracles that way, and the Love of God that we feel will be exponentially increased. 
Les Quiero a Ustedes con todo de mi corazon,
-La Hermana Brooks 

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