Monday, January 11, 2016

Holy moly, Christmas is in FOUR DAYS!!!!!! That is just crazy. What happened to all of the other 20 days of December? Quien sabe....

Anyways, so this week we had a lot of great fun and of course, tons of miracles! There is such a special spirit during Christmas time. One of my favorite tender mercies that Heavenly Father gave us this week happened on Saturday. Literally we were having ZERO success. No one was home, no one wanted to talk to us, nada. After getting stuck in downtown traffic, we were so ready to just get out of the car and teach someone the gospel. That was not our fate. But we found this little apartment complex and decided to try knocking doors. A few people answered, none of them had much time or interest. But after a few minutes, one of the doors that we had already knocked on re-opened, and the lady we had talked to stepped outside really quick. She explained that she really didn't have time to talk with us, but that she was so grateful that we were out spreading the message of Christ. She wished us a Merry Christmas and stepped back inside. But it was so special to feel the Spirit as this woman took a leap of faith and reached out to us in love. I think we are often too fearful of offending someone, or thinking that our words and thoughts couldn't possibly matter that we don't say anything at all. She could have easily just stayed inside, and never re-opened the door to wish us a Merry Christmas. We should never hesitate to share words of love and kindness. I love how she followed the example of the Savior in that simple moment. 

We also had the amazing opportunity to go to the Ensign Symphony with our investigator Reyes!! oh my goodness, it was BEAUTIFUL!! It reminded me how much I love music, the violin, and beautiful singing. And it was really awesome because Reyes has been struggling with understanding repentance and how to be prepared so that he can be baptized. But while we were there, listening to the amazing Christmas music all about the birth of Jesus Christ, he recognized the amazing power that Christmas time has in helping us overcome our weaknesses and fixing things that need mending. He is so close to the Spirit! And I am so sorry, but I totally had all of these great pictures from that night, but I accidentally left my camera at home!! :( 

Well everyone, I love you so very much. I hope and pray that you may be able to recognize God's hand in your lives. I know that there is so much going on in the world, Christmas shopping, parties, visits, cookies, star wars... the list is endless. But I know that as we focus on HIM, we will be able to recognize and understand a little bit more of what He did for us. He was born for US, He died for US, and He rose again and still lives today for US-- so that we can repent, and feel of God's love more and more every single day. Have a Very Merry Christmas!! 
-Hermana Brooks 

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