Thursday, September 25, 2014


Hello beloved friends and family!! 
I am finally in Seattle!! I have officially been in Seattle for 48 hours, and boy how crazy they have been! I left the CCM in Mexico at 2 in the morning yesterday after a full day of watching all of my best friends leave to their various missions (triste). And then I got a to Texas and was able to call my amazing parents!! Oh, it was such a blessing to be able to hear their voices! Then we jumped on our last flight to Seattle, and from there we haven't stopped learning, running, and sharing the gospel. 
My two companions are Hermana Hales from Ogden, Utah and Hermana Norton from Highland, Utah and they are just icredible! It is a little weird being in a trio, but I have already learned so much from them and I can just tell that its going to be an amazing first transfer. 
So the very first thing we did as a new companionship was go out contacting!! It was crazy fun and I got to testify of the Book of Mormon in Spanish! It is really such a blessing to be able to speak Spanish. It opens so many doors and really carries the Spirit with it. I just love it. And I had my first real lesson yesterday! We went over to an investigators home last night to read from the Book of Mormon together. This guy, Luis, truly believes that God loves him and wants him to do whats right. He also believes that the missionaries were a blessing sent from God to help us do that. And it was so special to be able to read from the Book of Mormon with him and feel of his testimony. Now our goal is to help him make it to church :) 
Basically, Seattle is already amazing and I can already tell that I am going to love it!! Its beautiful, the people are wonderful, and I have the two best trainers in the world! I don't have a lot of time, but I do want to share one quick thought that we talked about this morning during our companionship study. What we talked about was how God will never give us anything that 1. we dont want, and 2. we arent prepared for. This is a concept that I learned while in the CCM, but really hit me this morning concerning my role as a missionary. God is there ready to answer all of our questions, ready to help us in all things. And He's that way because He is our loving Father in Heaven. But we have to do our part in order for us to even understand what He is telling us. So I urge everyone to really think about that, and do what you can to make changes in our lives that show that we are putting our trust in God, and also that we are prepared to make more changes so that He can bless us and give us all of the amazing things that He has in store, just waiting for us. I don't know if that made any sense, but I hope it did :)
I send all of my love, and hope that everything is going well! My P-day is on Mondays (today was a special exception from my mission president), so thats when I will be able to check back in with all of you and have some more time to make sure that my thoughts are coherent :) 
Con Amor,
Hermana Brooks

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