Tuesday, May 12, 2015

There are flowers literally EVERYWHERE!!! Oh my goodness, it is just so beautiful up here in Bellevue, Washington. It takes my breath away pretty much daily. I will try to get more pictures of them so they can take your breath away too :)

Well, I hope you all had an amazing week! Congratulations to my mom who qualified for Boston AGAIN! in her latest marathon :) 
This week was pretty much the busiest week of my entire mission. But it was also amazing. WE ARE HAVING TWO BAPTISMS TONIGHT!! So this whole week has consisted of teaching Eliseo and Oseas all that they need to know before their baptism, getting a program ready, reserving buildings, getting interviews, and making too many phone calls to count. But it will all pay off tonight as they make this very important step of following the example of Jesus Christ. It has been incredible to see their progress since the first day we met them. Eliseo started with a desire to know why his friend, a member, was different after joining the church, and his 9 year old cousin was curious enough to come to church with them. Now, they are both ready to be baptized and more of their family is starting to meet with us as well! MIRACLES!! 

We also had a great week of miracles in the English ward! We were really struggling to find new investigators and to get the work moving. But as we were praying about it, we felt inspired to call as many people as we could in our area book and we came across an investigator named David. He is from China, but has been here ever since he was 9. We called to introduce ourselves and set up a time to see him. We were able to visit him the next day and have a great lesson about finding faith in God. He is very very smart, and has a lot of questions about our church history, and he was able to recognize that he can learn all he wants about facts and history, but until he finds faith it will not matter to him. And guess what?! He came to church for the first time yesterday! We really have a lot of hope for him as he searches in his heart to find answers. 

well I dont really have anymore time. We have a baptism we have to set up!! :) but I love you all so much and I hope that you all can take some time this week and think about the beauty of the earth around you. I know that as we do that we will more easily feel of God's life in our lives and find more peace and happiness. Oh, and Happy Mothers Day to all of the amazing women in my life! You have all gotten me to where I am today, and I am forever grateful for your examples and testimonies that have strengthened me throughout the years. Especially my own mother, who amazes me everyday with her strength and love. LES QUIERO MUCHO!

-La Hermana Brooks 

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